As a supplier, distributor or consumer of electronic components you should always be looking to improve your inspection and testing capabilities with the most current technology available. Buying electronics on the open market can be exceedingly risky for independent distributors. The quality of electronic components in their supply chain is therefore being scrutinized by an increasing number of distributors using X-Ray technology. Find out how X-Ray technologies may help you ensure quality and choose a solution that will save you money while still enhancing your reputation in the business. ‘

Counterfeit Components Can Be Spotted Using X-Ray Vision

Open-market purchases of electrical components are fraught with peril. More than 10% of all technological products sold on the open market around the world are counterfeit, according to research. This percentage translates to an annual industry revenue of $27 billion. Purchasing a counterfeit goods can have an impact on the supply chain, distributors, and end users. In the end, the quality of the items sold is influenced greatly by the reputation of each company in the industry A company’s reputation could be tarnished, and customers may decide to go with the competition instead if an electronics producer buys counterfeit product without realizing it. To avoid all of this, quality control is really essential. Businesses can use modern X-Ray technologies to identify counterfeit components and determine where they originate. If you do this, you will save money and keep your good name.

The Damage Components must be identified.

Providing electrical components to distributors and customers, you quickly learn how critical it is to maintain a high standard of quality. It’s possible that your end user will receive defective components if you don’t implement quality measures. You’ll lose customers if you keep selling these defective parts to your valued clients on a regular basis. With the aid of X-Ray vision, you can not only confirm the authenticity of parts but also spot those that may be damaged. X-Ray machines used for quality control are similar to the equipment used in hospitals to verify that everything in the machine is as it should be.

Incorporating X-ray technology into your quality control operations ensures that you will be able to spot counterfeit components and damaged parts before they reach the supply chain. In order to give the greatest electronic components on the open market or the best products for end customers, you need employ quality testing methods such as X-rays, microscopes and DECAP.