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continues to devote itself to 172 pages in the focus of the individual combat power of the soldier and its multipliers. This includes both intellectual and technical armamentarium: soldierly self-image, combat readiness, training, (deployment) experience, clothing, mobility, personal equipment and, of course, armament.

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From the content:


  • A turning point for the individual shooter – the first steps must be pushed further (Waldemar Geiger)

Armed Forces and Deployment

  • “Special forces of the Bundeswehr are an extremely effective means of German security policy” Interview with the director of special forces, Flotilla Admiral Stephan Plath
  • New technologies to shape the future of mission-critical communication (Imtradex Hör- und Speechsystems GmbH)
  • Shift in emphasis in the special forces. Similarities and differences between national and alliance defense and counter-terrorism (Andrew White)
  • The Sirius Patrol (Thomas Lauge Nielsen)
  • The long-distance reconnaissance forces of the army (Bernd Doll)
  • Ten years combat rescuer in the Bundeswehr (Waldemar Geiger)
  • Peculiarities of combat in the mountains (Martin Spensberger and Carsten Schneider)
  • Man in the Enlightenment of the Future (Felix Christoph Lotzin)
  • Hunting combat – a successful element of warfare. A note for the evaluation of the Ukraine war (Jan-Philipp Weisswange)


  • Digitization for the gunnery training of the Bundeswehr (Peter Winkler)
  • Reorientation of military close combat of all troops strengthens robustness and mentality (André Forkert)

Hand weapons and weapons

  • HK416A8 (G95A1 and G95KA1) will be the new basic weapon system “Assault Rifle of the German Armed Forces” (Jan-Phillip Weisswange)
  • Revolutionary optics in the networked battlefield – this is how ELCAN’s SmartOptic makes soldiers safer and more effective (Raytheon ELCAN)
  • Self-loading rifles for scope or sniper use (Jan-Philipp Weisswange)
  • Real-time fire control systems from SMARTSHOOTER. The SMASH product family heralds a new era in handguns (Smart Shooter Europe GmbH)
  • Weapon system of the future or obsolete orderly weapon – the assault rifle as infantry armament (Benjamin Frahm)
  • High-performance optical performance for the armed forces (STEINER-Optik GmbH)
  • Special armament of the military police (Rainer Schönfisch)
  • Increased firepower and networking. Current developments and possible uses of fire control solutions for small arms (Jan-Phillip Weisswange)
  • Small Arms Ammunition Production in the Post-Nuclear Era (Scott E. Willason and Thomas L. Nielsen)
  • Dismounted anti-tank defense in the Bundeswehr (Toni Wietek)
  • Anti-tank – the potential of top-attack mines (Patrick Senft)
  • Additional firepower for infantry. The Light Agent Indirect Fire (Sebastian Hadam)

clothing and equipment

  • Tasmanian Tiger presents a modular load carrier and a robust basic mission backpack (Tasmanian Tiger c/o Tatonka GmbH)
  • Modernization of the field suit system 90 (Christine Stach, Karin Griese and Sebastian Eibl)
  • Innovations available on the market for the Bundeswehr. GORE-TEX stretch for wet protection clothing and
  • GORE-TEX THERMIUM combat boots offer the highest wearing comfort and functionality in action – and contribute to future-proof protective equipment (WL Gore & Associates GmbH, Thomas Meyer)
  • 3D series measurement in the German Armed Forces (Carsten Zimmermann, Cindy Bagge and Marina Weiße)
  • Merino wool – a recipe for success (Scandic Outdoor GmbH)
  • Katadyn Tactical Line: The right equipment away from civilization (Katadyn Deutschland GmbH)
  • By users, for users (SnigelDesign AB)
  • Challenges for a modern combat helmet: The SCHUBERTH M100 124 (SCHUBERTH GmbH)

leadership, networking and education

  • Soldier systems – WIWeB researches drones and robots (Lars Hoffmann)
  • Robust, fast and scalable solution for mobile command posts (ODU GmbH & Co. KG)
  • Uninterrupted chain of command from the brigade to the dismounted soldier (Bittium Germany GmbH)
  • Highly frequented – soldier radio based on UHF technology (Thomas Withington)
  • “Yes, SATCOM can do it too…” (JK Defense & Security Products GmbH)
  • Individual battle power management. Integration of new technologies and power supply at the level of the individual soldier (Andrew White)
  • THEON SENSORS and HENSOLDT pioneers of change in the European armaments industry (THEON Deutschland GmbH)
  • Combat at night – a determinant of modern armed forces (Waldemar Geiger)
  • Thermal imaging technology by day: see without being seen. VECTED shows how thermal imaging devices can be used in military applications (VECTED GmbH)
  • The helmet as the central device carrier and data transmitter – with optimized energy supply (IEA MIL-OPTICS GmbH)
  • Micro-Threats in the Ukraine War (Kristóf Nagy)

Combat Vehicles and Mobility

  • Unmanned ground systems: a critical navel-gazing (Kristóf Nagy and Göran Bölke)
  • Fast, powerful, protected, versatile. Rheinmetall’s equipment concept for medium-sized workers (Rheinmetall team of authors)
  • The Swiss Army Knife in Brigade Format – Medium Forces of the German Army (Konrad Fuchs)
  • Protection of the vehicle crew from high noise levels (Imtradex Hör- und Speech Systems GmbH)
  • KMW and Defenture join forces for a new airborne platform (KMW + Defenture)
  • Means for crossing dismounted forces (André Forkert)

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