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The FritzBox is the gateway to the Internet in many households and is therefore a popular target for hackers. Whether uninvited WLAN guests or unwanted attempts to log in from the network: RouterGuard from Abelssoft raises an alarm in the event of suspicious activity and helps to optimize the security settings of the AVM router. The program can’t do anything that the FritzBox itself can’t – but it specifically points out suspicious events and unsafe settings that are quickly overlooked in the router’s huge menu. At COMPUTER BILD you can get the program, which costs around 20 euros, as a special version for one year at no cost. It offers the same functions as the paid version with just one tiny limitation: notifications for individual network devices cannot be deactivated in the settings.

Abelssoft RouterGuard – Download free special version

Register Abelssoft RouterGuard for free

This is how you install RouterGuard, activate the software and set up your FritzBox connection:

  1. Download and install RouterGuard from the download link above.
  2. If another Abelssoft program is already installed, Routergaurd will start automatically and you can continue with the next step. Otherwise, fill out the small form and click Request free activation by email . If the email address you entered is already registered with the manufacturer, click Done . Otherwise, click on the confirmation link in the incoming mail and then on Done .
  3. When you start it for the first time, RouterGuard automatically connects to your FritzBox. In this case, continue with step 4. If you have changed the default IP address of the FritzBox, however, the following appears: “Unfortunately, no FritzBox was found.” In this case, select Enter data manually and type in the IP address of the FritzBox. The tip center tells you how to find out if necessary.
  4. Enter your access data (username and password) for the router menu. Click Connect .

In the following you will learn which functions RouterGuard offers and how the software works.

RouterGuard Dashboard

Dashboard: Everything at a glance thanks to real-time protection

After starting, the RouterGuard dashboard appears. There, the program displays all suspicious activities and, if necessary, also warns you with a system notification at the bottom right above the Windows taskbar.

RouterGuard Angriff gescheitert

Identify potential attacks

To detect possible attacks, click View events or click More info in the system notification. In the example above, a user named “admin” tried in vain to log on to the FritzBox interface. Such access attempts with widespread usernames and guessed passwords are unfortunately common, but nothing to worry about. However, if there are entries here that you cannot explain, there may have been a successful attack. Therefore, choose an individual FritzBox username and a strong password for your FritzBox menu.

RouterGuard Einstellungen

Optimize router settings

In the upper area of the dashboard, RouterGuard reports weak security settings, as in the example, and offers direct access to the corresponding options in the router menu. If so, click View Settings . A list will appear (image above) in which all unsafe options are marked in red – click on More Info for detailed explanations. You can change the complained settings after clicking on settings in the FritzBox menu or hide them with ignore setting .

RouterGuard WLAN

Check WiFi devices

In the “WLAN” dashboard area you will find your networks, in the example radio networks for the 5 gigahertz and 2.4 gigahertz frequency bands as well as a guest WLAN. If you want to switch off a WLAN, set the corresponding switch to “Off”. See View Devices for a list of all WiFi devices. Registered devices can be recognized by the green radio symbol. If you find anything suspicious, make a note of the IP address shown and compare it with that of your devices. You can read how to do this in the tip center. If in doubt, change your WiFi password.
RouterGuard Benachrichtigungen

Check notifications

An advertisement appears in the dashboard at the bottom right when you first start it, which you close with X. You can then access the complete log of your FritzBox here. After clicking on Show you will see unread FritzBox messages as in the picture above. There is more information under Details . Click on Confirm all to reset the counter in the dashboard or clear the list by clicking on Clear all . Or you can restructure the list by clicking Details and Apply filter – see the following tip.

RouterGuard Filter

More tips on RouterGuard

Use the following tips to improve the operation of RouterGuard:

  • Filter Events: Is RouterGuard Giving You Too Much Information? Then specify exactly which events RouterGuard should report. To do this, for example, click on Show events and xy filter active . In the new window (see picture above) simply tick the desired information.
  • Stop network warning: Whenever the PC wakes up from sleep or loses the WiFi connection, RouterGuard sends the warning: “Monitoring has stopped because you are no longer on the same network as the selected router.” To stop this, click Settings , Notification Settings , Other Notifications Details and Router Cannot Be Reached OFF .
  • Open FritzBox menu: If you want to open the user interface of your FritzBox, you do not have to call it up manually via the browser. Click on the small arrow next to the router name in the top left of the dashboard, done!
  • Stop monitoring: Click on OFF – top right of the dashboard – to stop monitoring. This makes sense if you change settings in the FritzBox and want to prevent unnecessary warnings.

Free: More full versions in the advent calendar

The Abelssoft RouterGuard is not the only software that you will receive from us free of charge in December. 23 other top-class full versions are gathered in the download advent calendar. With these free programs, you can bring the operating system into shape, ensure the security of your data and edit your photos, videos or music on the PC. The best thing to do is to check the download advent calendar every day.

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