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The planned German robotaxi service from Intel’s car subsidiary Mobileye is getting closer. The company’s technology for autonomous driving received an approval recommendation from TÜV Süd, as Mobileye announced on Wednesday at the CES technology fair in Las Vegas. With the approval, Mobileye will be able to expand the pilot phase and operate autonomous vehicles with a safety driver at the wheel on all roads in Germany.

The company bought by the chip group in 2017 has been equipping vehicles from various manufacturers with assistance systems for years and is also working on technology for self-driving cars. Mobileye originally announced the launch of a robotaxi service in Munich last year. Now it was said that the pilot phase for such services in Germany would “continue to pick up speed” in 2023 after the legal requirements had been set in motion by the EU and German authorities last year.

Mobileye provided extensive technical documentation for the TÜV recommendation and subjected the Robotaxi to various safety tests. (dpa/swi)

From the data center:

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